Time Flies


It seems like yesterday when I was starting my freshman year; feeling nervous as I was thinking of starting a life far from home. I spent  last weekend with freshmen who had come for D-Life, interacting with them brought back all the memories on how I felt when I first came at Lehigh, as most of them are talking about how nervous they are and at the same time how excited they are to enjoy college life. In fact, what surprises me most is, it feels like yesterday when I started college and now I am getting ready to register for my sophomore classes tomorrow. However, I am so excited that I have few more days to finish the semester and spend the next three months working and at the same time touring some states in the US. Thinking of how the year has ended so fast makes me plan ahead on how I want to spend my next three years of college, I don’t want to look back and wish I would have done something that I missed out on. I am Loving College.

Registration Nerves


The time has come once again to register for next semesters classes. This cutthroat competition can be likened to this. But in all seriousness, it is a big deal. We all spend one of our weekend afternoons on myedu.com configuring our perfect schedules. The only problem is that popular classes can completely fill up in a matter of seconds.

I personally make three schedules: my ideal schedule and two backups. Luckily, first semester I got everything I wanted without being wait listed anywhere (knockin on wood) so I hope tomorrow morning gives me the same results. If you have enough credits though you could qualify for sophomore standing and register before most other first-years, both of my roommates were lucky enough to do this. I however, am gonna have to fight the crowd. I think I’ll sleep with my fingers crossed tonight just to be safe.


This morning at 7 am I registered for my fall courses. At Lehigh registration is extremely intense and important. Everyone here is so academically competitive that not only is registration a battle for best class times, but it is a battle for the best professors and classes. Here we register by class, and everyone in that class registers at the same exact time. 7am.

Some professors are such a hot commodity that 5 seconds into registration this morning their class was full. People use hot keys (program their computer to type the codes and hit enter themselves) and some people practice copying and pasting over and over. Its extremely stressful to be honest but at the same time its exciting and kind of fun. Its like warming up before the super bowl to us. Everyone has an exact plan of action and is trying to figure out a trick that everyone else doesn’t know. It just goes to show how competitive this school is. The good news is even if you don’t get the classes you wanted, you will find a schedule that works for you.

I personally used a stop watch to time how far behind the websites clock was compared to mine so i knew exactly when it would let me register. I luckily got all my classes that some of my friends weren’t quick enough to register for, so I’m a little proud of myself. However I’m happy to have that out of the way, and with an actual schedule for sophomore year now It feels so close!

City of Bethlehem

Ever wondered what’s outside of Lehigh?  We have mostly been talking about what goes inside campus and take pictures inside campus as well.  But how does Bethlehem look like?  Well, here’s a few pictures just to get started.








Lehigh from a distance


Most of these pictures are from Southern Bethlehem, where Lehigh is located.  There are several restaurant outside of campus that I heard were pretty good.  So if you ever get bored of the food, go out and eat!

D-Life Weekend

Each year, Lehigh hosts what they call Diversity Life Weekend–a celebration of different cultures, heritages, and unity despite differences and each year, a group of newly-admitted soon-to-be-freshmen students are invited. There’s all sorts of crazy events like Breakfast Bingo (which I won a sweatshirt at! Oh yeah!!!) as well as plenty of opportunities for the visiting students to see the campus and learn more about Lehigh. Oh, and there’s Spectacular! Spectacular!, Lehigh’s talent show. Which was awesome. Dance teams, step teams, musicians, skill performers, and more–all Lehigh students–competed on stage in the gymnasium. I’m not sure if there are any pictures up yet, but here’s the Facebook page for D-Life.

Last year, I got to go–Lehigh even paid for my flights since I live in Kentucky–so I thought it’d be pretty cool to host a student this year. Actually, both me and my roommate did–our little dorm room was pretty packed! Our visiting students seemed to have a lot of fun, though. Oh, and we even played a few rounds of Xbox! (I was totally rockin’ the Rock Band drum set, by the way.)

On a parting note, if you don’t know what a laser harp is, I suggest you check it out. I know, totally off-topic, but I got the idea of building one while we were working with photoresistors in Engineering 10 class. Looks like I have another project for the summer.

And finally, the Star Wars theme played on Arduino: (I even got extra credit for programming it!)

Dreading English Class

I honestly can’t wait for the day where I’ll never have to turn in an essay to a teacher ever again.  I am literally sick of having to write essays that I know will not help me in any way whatsoever.  I have a group project for this class coming up next Monday where we are doing a trial for a character in the book Watchmen and have to give an opening statement, cross examinations, rebuttals, and conclusions.  On top of that, I have to write a 5-7 page paper on our trial character and make a claim about one aspect of him.  Not only do I have to write this 5 page paper, but I also have to write a page for each group’s trial and write a 3 page paper (I’m pretty sure) on a “Wreck This Journal” book where we literally do whatever we want on it.  I’m tired of analyzing characters, interpreting messages authors have, and writing papers on them.  It’s awful when you’re here wanting to be an engineer, but have to take an English course.  I can’t wait until the semester is over!

End of the Year

When the semester comes to a close I am definitely going to miss my friends. Its hard to believe that I’ve only known them for 9 months. I guess living with people really makes things easier in the friends department. I remember last year worrying that I would never make friends like I had in high school. For the most part, I was right, they aren’t like they were in high school.

High school and college friends are different, but equal in my mind.In high school you share lunch and classes. You have fun and joke and enjoy hanging out together, but you live with your family. In college you live with your friends, and for that reason you butt heads a little bit more, but you also get to know each other in a completely different way.

Although I’ve only known them for such a short time, I feel extremely close to them. I can’t wait to spend another year with them. Staying in touch will have to be a must and as the summer nears I will surely be spending as much time with them as possible while I can. However, one thing I’ve learned this year though, is that time flies, and before I know it I’ll be back at school with my friends, wishing i was at home with my family and following that, vice versa.

Classes Nearing the End

Last night I had my last physics lab. Today i will do my last written calc assignment (of my life!). This weekend I will do my last econ homework and next Thursday and Friday I will say goodbye to all of my professors. The semester has gone by even more quickly than the first and its hard to believe that I’ve nearly completed all of my classes (barring a horrible final exam).

A lot of people say that the last few weeks always seem like the longest but I tend to disagree. The best part of being this close to heading home for the summer is that I can actually count all of the things I need to do before I leave. I am so close to finishing up that I know every assignment I have up until exams, and then its just time to study. Knowing that I have exactly 10 homework assignments left is comforting in that each time i finish one off and cross it off the list I know I am 10% closer to finishing the year. It drives me to work harder and not procrastinate, which in turn keeps me busy and makes time go by even faster.

So as time goes by and we get ever closer to calling ourselves survivors of the challenging academics of Lehigh that is freshman year, I’m learning more than ever, and more excited than ever to move on to my sophomore year at last!.


Almost Summer

With less than two weeks left of classes now, summer is almost here! It is finally warm on campus and people can wear shorts and a t-shirt everyday. It is nice seeing so many people outside playing frisbee, basketball, or catch with a football. Intramural softball is also going on which tends to be one of the favorite intramural sports. In a few more weeks I will get to go home and see my family for the first time in a while and get to see all of my friends together for the first time since New Years. The depressing part is that I will be away from Lehigh for four months, as nice as it will be to go home, being at college is probably better. Although it can be extremely stressful at times, the enjoyment that comes with it far outweighs the stress. You are not bored while at school, because there is always something to do. With the semester about to end, I have a lot going on. I have finals, final papers and projects, initiation for multiple groups, and other things. It is going to be a pretty hectic next three weeks, but it will be well worth it and I can get a break for the beginning of summer.

English Journal

For our final paper in English 2 we have the option to write a nature journal. The topic for the class is space, as in the concept of space, not outer space. We started out by discussing personal space and moved to preserving space and now we have been talking about nature and the desire people have to go in it alone for an extended period of time. For this journal we would have to go to a place that we would consider to be in nature and write about it on two-five different days. We are not expected to go their for a long period of time, but our professor wants us to go multiple times and write about what we observe and how we feel about it. If I choose to do this besides the paper, it will be a relaxing break to just sit and observe nature instead of writing a 5 page paper on material we have discussed in class. There are many places on and around Lehigh’s campus that would be considered nature so I would not have to go far.