Lehigh Career Services

The office of career services is located in Rauch Business Center, room 484. As the name suggest, Career services is the office which provide Lehigh students all the help they need to have a successful career. Most of the students find their jobs after graduation through the career services. Also the career services is the place to go when one needs to find an internship or apply for Co-op. They help you along your application, work on your resume and cover letters, conduct mock interview and provide with all the information you need.

Many freshmen often assume that career services is only useful in your future years when you need to look for an internship or when you are applying for jobs, but career services offer a lot of help to freshmen too. Then too, it is always great to start as early as you can so that you do not have to stress out in the last moment. I made an appointment with career services and right at the time I made my appointment, I learned that you need to make one early. I got an appointment date of 8 days from then. This shows you how busy career services office is and how important it is to make an early appointment.

I personally went to them to ask about the opportunities and scope of different majors, specially to compare chemical and mechanical engineering. I got a lot of useful information. I got to know some big companies that Lehigh has connections with in both majors. I got to know what should I be doing if I want go for a coop or how to find good internships. My counselor gave me helpful tips on staying involved and that anything I do will count. He told me to set up a LinkedIn account, which is a great way to reach out to alumni so that I can have a better sense of what professionals in my profession do, and if i am interested in it or not.

One on one counseling with a career services counselor is invaluable. Thay are available and ready to discuss any problems or concerns you have. For example you can go to them for the following reasons:

You can explore careers and learn about how to make one (entrepreneurship). Moreover you can develop essential skills through career service. For example

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letters and refrences
  • Interview skills
  • Academic profile
  • Networking

I would suggest everyone to make the most out of this great opportunity and go to workshops and events held by career services and try to learn the most about them.

Major Declaration Days

This past Tuesday and Wednesday was the major declaration days. Every student needed to attend a session from 4 p.m to 5 p.m in their respective departments in order to declare the major. After a long fight between majors, I finally selected mechanical engineering.

During the major declaration, Professor David Angstadt gave a half an hour lecture on what to expect in the future ahead. One statement that took my particular attention was, “In MechE we expect our students to spend working three hours per credit per week” which means if we have 16 credits, we need to work 48 hours a week. So this is our full time job. Moreover, he went over the different clubs related to mechE which he suggested us to join. Most importantly, he gave us a flow chart and discussed the courses we need to take.

According to the flow chart, I have to take 5 courses and a total of 15 credits next semester, but I want to squeeze in 2 or 3 credit class and to take care of the HSS electives. My next target is to think bout a minor and my top three choices currently are Business, Entrepreneurship, or Aerospace minor. I hope I am in the right track and I will surely give in my all. Here is picture of the flow chart that we got:


One Last Song: Steel City Sunrise’s Grand Finale

Steel City Sunrise had its last performance last night. A finale of both their Spring Break Tour and their band as a whole, SCS wanted to go out with a bang. The entire room had to be cleared  in order to fit all of the fans who had come to listen to them. Many of them were fans since the beginning. My friend, although she had only come to Lehigh this year, had already been to three of their performances. I personally had only been to one, but I was looking out for them ever since.

unnamed (1)


unnamed (2)

Their three hour show was opened by another indie band, the Asa Spades. Opening with several covers, the Asa Spades were an appetizer to attract listeners to prepare for the main course. When it was time, the SCS opened with a dynamic sound, booming throughout the room. They performed many songs, both their own productions and covers alike, such as their own renditions of Taylor Swift and more. Though I could not stay for the entire show, I watched enough to want to buy a t-shirt and their CD at the souvenir booth at the corner of the show.


Steel City Sunrise was established in March 2013, when James Copti and Mikale D’Andrea decided to compete at the Battle of the Bands staged at Lehigh. They won the competition and along with it, the chance to open for Sugar Ray. From there, their success skyrocketed as they performed for even more shows and festivals and appeared on multiple radio stations. By August 2014 they released their own EP and as of now, have several videos of their performances and their own music video.


Women Entrepreneurs from Lehigh

As a part of women empowerment week three entrepreneurs that graduated from Lehigh came in to tell their story and offer up advice. One was Mary Evans, who graduated from Lehigh with a degree in Accounting. Her favorite saying was “I’m the captain of my ship and the master of my fate” and she is a financial planner. The first thing she asked the room was to fill in the following statement: Money is … we came up with fun, power, freedom, opportunity, and a few others. Her point was that all of these words come with great emotion and what she does in her business is try to have a relaxed environment because talking about money is emotional. This is the biggest thing that sets her business apart from her male counterparts.

The next women to speak was Alita Friedman, who was the CBO of ugly doll. She appeared twice on the Today show, and the biggest advice she could offer was, “if you want something go after it!” She also advised not staying in one place too long and building a strong network. It was really inspiring to hear her story and sobering to realize that everyone makes mistakes even the really successful people.

Last, but not least to speak was Jennifer Long founder of AEquitas. Her biggest point was always be aware of what is going on around you and stay informed. Having all of the information is what has differentiated her non-profit group from others.

What was interesting about this panel was that they all saw not spending as much time with their kids as their biggest sacrifice. I bet this would be the same for most successful women with children. Sheryl Sandberg talks about it in Lean In, and I heard the same thing last semester from the women engineering panel. On a more positive note, they discussed setting goals and finding the right partner, so that you don’t have regrets about raising your children. I wonder if children are brought up in professional panels of men?

Three lovely panelists from the right: Jennifer Long, Mary Evans, Alita Friedman

Three lovely panelists from left to right: Jennifer Long, Mary Evans, Alita Friedman

Declaring Majors

Today’s the day we declare our majors as engineers! I’ve been pondering between Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering for a while now, but I think I’ve decided to go with Electrical Engineering. From what I understand, Electrical Engineering can be just as broad as Mech E, but focuses on the software and hardware aspects of tech unlike their structure. Personally, I’m still not quite sure which one that I should go into, but from what I understand, the switch between the two is quite easy, even easier since I’m starting in Elec E.

In Lehigh, the Elec E. track is very rigid. Classes that are advised to be taken in the Fall or Spring are usually only taught in those respective seasons. Missing a semester now translates into missing an entire year! It will be tough to make sure that I don’t fall behind during the school years to come.

The people that I met with during the declaration were helpful in explaining the duties of an Electrical Engineer however. They appear to work with the core and lifeblood of technology. Their programming, wiring, and functions are all defined by the motherboard that the Elec E. creates. To me, it sounds like an ever-interesting responsibility that I would never find boredom in. Hopefully it will work out in the future.

An eternal perspective, a lasting impact

This weekend I was able to go to a women’s retreat hosted by Cru (Christian Crusade). It was really encouraging being surrounded by women who have the same faith and being encouraged and learning from them.

The retreat started off at 9:30, which consisted of bagels, donuts, orange juice and strawberries. After breakfast we had a chance to mingle with each other and write down questions for our panel discussions. Our first talk was on having an eternal perspective then our second and third talks were on beauty and having heartfelt worship. For lunch we went to one of my new favorite Panera bread then for dinner we had wonderful home made lasagna.

One of the things that stood out to me was having an eternal perspective and throughout the whole weekend I kept thinking about this. Whether or not I am doing things that will have a lasting impact? Am I helping others? Impacting others? Using the wonderful opportunities that Lehigh offers for the greater good. I often think of Beyoncé’s lyrics from her song I was here :

“I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time

Know there was something that, meant something that I left behind

When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets

Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget”

I started researching different clubs that are on campus on how I can help make a difference. Do something with will have a long lasting impact and influence.

The three opportunities that I found are :

  • Lehigh’s Engineers without boarders

Sstarted in 2002, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is an international non-profit humanitarian organization that works to provide basic necessities to communities in need. Lehigh’s chapter of EWB started in 2007. The goal of EWB is to provide clean water, education, sanitation, and renewable energy by focusing on low cost, high impact projects. To promote sustainability we partner with host communities on projects so that the communities can manage the systems autonomously in the future. Lehigh’s chapter primary efforts are in San Juan del Sur where we are implementing a water system at the Free High School for Adults.

  • Lehigh Serve trips

SERVE trips are programs that allow students to spend academic breaks helping others. The program has been a part of Lehigh University since the spring of 1995, and since that time over 1000 students and approximately 30 advisors have participated. The purpose of SERVE trips is to enable participants to build partnerships with people sharing a common goal, to gain greater awareness of the need in our country, and to deepen their commitment to social action. This is an opportunity to spend time helping those in need, while having fun and gaining experience that will last a lifetime

  • Bridges to prosperity

Lehigh Bridges to Prosperity helps provide an isolated community in Panama with access to education, healthcare, and commerce, by designing, fundraising, and helping to construct a footbridge over an impassable river.Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) is a national organization that partners with university chapters to build footbridges for rural, isolated communities all over the world who lack access to basic needs during the rainy season. In many of these communities, children must cross the river to get to school and families must pass in order to access the main road that leads into town. The rainy season turns seemingly innocent rivers into dangerous and impassable obstacles. In these cases, a footbridge grants people year round access to these basic needs that many of us take for granted.

Mastering Business Casual

For guys this is simple, but for women it is a completely different story. There are so many options and it is really easy to be not dressy enough or to be overly dressed so that you are in full business attire. Being apart of greek life has really forced me to become really familiar with business casual. For starters, every chapter on Sunday we dress in business casual attire and recently we had a scholarship dinner where we dressed in business casual attire. Not only are there so many places I need to dress this way for my sorority, but for networking events and special meetings this dreaded form of attire is required. There are some simple ways to pull off business casual though, and I would recommend bringing business causal clothing options to college. It is a must and I think should be added to the packing list. Here is what I came up with:

  1. A blazer with a nice dress always works.bscas1
  2. A blazer with any form of slacks also works well. bscas2
  3. A nice blouse with slacks is a good option in winter, and keep in mind you don’t have to wear heals.


Some things to avoid would be wearing leggings or jeans. This isn’t really professional enough for business casual and in most cases you are safer being a little bit over dressed than under dressed. Hope this helps!!

Tips for waiting for results/decisions


Earlier today my friends and I were talking about how last year this time we were waiting patiently for our college decisions to come out. It was a nerve-racking experience but in hindsight it wasn’t the be all and end all. So in the spirit of college decisions coming out and figuring out summer plans (both for myself and my friends) below are three things to remember

  • You are always where you need to be

Normally when I read things like these I just shut off and think that this is such mumbo jumbo but speaking from experience, I have found that you are always where you need to be at that time in your life. Lehigh is exactly where I need to be and I have enjoyed every experience so far and cannot wait to learn more and grow more.

  • Make the most of it

Once everything is said and done and your college decisions are out and summer plans are made, internship or no internship all that’s left is to make the most of it. I have found over my few years on this earth that making the most of circumstances and situations is the best way to move forward because then you are exploring all your opportunities.

  • It’s okay to be sad

You have probably gathered from this that I am an optimistic person but being optimistic doesn’t mean that you are naïve and a happy go lucky person. Whenever things don’t work out the way I want them, I first allow myself to feel sad and then I choose to make the most of it. Being sad and feeling those feelings of disappointment allow us to move on properly and learn from the situation.

Final countdown: Week 7

So this is my first blog post on my final countdown series. It’s crazy to think that there are only 7 weeks left of freshmen year and even though so many things are changing I want to remember and fully experience things that Lehigh offers that I have come to ignore.

Today was the first day spring yet we had a lot of snow. There was so much snow on this campus and I found myself trudging through snow and feeling like it was winter all over again. As much as snow irritates me, I couldn’t help but stop and look at how beautiful Lehigh is. This campus looks beautiful all year and today I was reminded that I live on one of the most beautiful campuses.

Not only is Lehigh beautiful (no like really) but Lehigh is also really good about making sure that the campus is safe for everyone to walk through during really snowy days. There have been days when I did not know how I would survive going to class without breaking a leg and there have been days that I have laid in bed angry that school was not cancelled but in hindsight I realize that I made it.

My favorite place to go to when it is snowing is the front of the University Centre. As you walk up to Linderman and you look up all you see is this big Hogwarts looking building with a massive front lawn all covered in snow. This view transports me to another world for a few seconds. It’s weird how over the winter I became immune to this beautiful campus and on Friday I was reminded on how beautiful this campus is. As happy as I am to say goodbye to winter I can’t (well maybe I can ) to see the camps covered in the snow, all white and pretty.

14715428754_c8703c7bb3 leh-1-3 tumblr_n0i3nl1JIB1rfpk4no1_500

What Reading WILD Taught Me

As part of an English assignment I had to read Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I began this past weekend and finished it in two days, which is pretty impressive seeing as I had the busiest weekend ever and it is a 311 page book. I think what made it so hard to put down was that it struck a cord with me and where I am in my life. Everyone is on the journey of life, but what is profound about Cheryl’s journey is that every decision was hers and she was aware of her pain, but also her joy. She learned how to deal with doubt and even when she was going to give up she knew she had to push on. I know a lot of us struggle with pushing on sometimes, but the benefits far outweigh just quitting. If she had quit she would have never truly let go of the limiting beliefs she was telling herself and she would have never proven to herself that she knew what she wanted in life and that she had control of her life. As I was reading this book I could feel my self changing. I was’t hiking, but I felt myself becoming freed, not really caring what others thought of me and doing what I wanted not what others wanted. Not caring what other people think is a very profound thing on its own because as college students you are trying to find where you fit in the world and that involves taking everyone’s opinion into account when making any decision. Like turning to your friends when getting crepes and asking them what you should get or asking them about what classes you should take. This seems silly in writing, but we all do it. So, my challenge to you would be to try not to ask for other people’s opinions and go with your gut. See where it leads you, you may find yourself being really content with you life.