Choir Concert!

Lehigh choir is very famous. I had never been to a choir concert, in fact i didn’t even knew choir was until I came to Lehigh. However, I made some friends who love choir and one of them even has a choir scholarship. I was amazed  when I learned the amount of time they put in choir every week. They have 3 hours long practices weekly in addition to extra practices on weekends. When their performances get nearer, they start practicing even more. I never knew that this was such a time consuming thing. They sometimes perform in the church or in the music nights. However they have one big concert annually which a lot of people come to see, many parents watch their child perform. The good thing is that it is free for students. I went to this year’s concert and it was my first time ever watching a choir performance. Undoubtedly, it was amazing. They work very hard all year long and it was evident in their great performance. I loved the relaxing feeling and the music. it was great. What made it even better for me was that it was in baker Hall. It is one of the best halls in the whole university and my favorite one.

My friend told me that the choir group is going to Italy in May to perform their! I wish them best of luck.

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BEST Class…WORST Class

Starting on a good note the best classes (one is not enough) that I took this year were ENTP 195 and Calc 3. They are the complete opposites of each other, but they have to have been my favorites. The entrepreneurship class was amazing because there weren’t that many students and everyone tried to make an effort in the class. Also I was challenged to actually think, to go out in the world and explore, and to be creative. When I was in this class time flew by and I never looked at the clock. For me that is when I knew I had stubbled on something truly amazing. Sure it was 6 to 9 on a Tuesday night, but it seemed like my week hadn’t started yet until I had been in that class. Then Calculus is a whole different ball park and I think the reason I loved that class is because I am a nerd and math makes sense to me. It is funny how you love things that come easy to you, but dread things that don’t…cough…cough…English. I think the reason I love Calculus so much is that it makes sense and each problem is a challenge. I was really sad when I realized I wouldn’t take another Calculus class again. :(

Then my LEAST favorite class is Engineering 10!!!! You don’t learn anything and you rush to finish labs. Now I am working on the final projects and I want to toss my Arduino across the room!!! So now that rant is out of the way…I can say it has been a learning experience for my patience. Also long live Calculus!!!


Earth Day


Today Lehigh celebrated the Earth Day. The office of sustainability was involved a great deal to make this event successful. There was a Earth fair in the Lamberton Hall which is located in the same building as the Hawk’s Nest. I was just walking by when I saw the table outside Lamberton where they had all these different plants set up. As you can see in the above picture, they had these little seeds and they were letting us plant them. They even gave free seeds to take with us. There was a little game to pick the tomato plant out from the six plants they had on display. It was fun and I though going inside would be more fun and sure it was.


In went to a table which looked cool. The guy was showing how the sand filtering works. He had me pick the order of the rocks from top to bottom. i picked the right one but had no idea why. So he explained, as shown in the picture that, first comes the large gravels since they have the most spacing between them so most of the water goes through and large particles stay back. Then comes rocks with lesser spaces then gravels and then very fine sand particles. So this process helps filtering the water.

There were lot of tables with various activities and was not only fun, but also knowledgeable. I think the main objective of this event was to raise awareness among people to recycle and focus on being sustainable after all Earth is our home and we have to take good care of it.

IMG_2455 IMG_2457

Spring is HERE!

Attitudes have definitely changed as the warm weather approaches and I can’t help but admire the daffodils on my way to class. The leaves are finally appearing on the branches and it is just so beautiful outside. My roommate and I have decided that there should only be two weeks of winter so we can still go sledding and make snowmen, but then the rest of the time is should be spring, summer, and fall. There has to be a place like that on earth..we just have to find it. Anyway, I took some pictures on my way back from the gym the other day and I thought I would share them. If it wasn’t for the itchy eyes spring would probably be my favorite season. I know the leaves in the fall are amazing, but after fall comes winter so spring is more fun in that sense because after spring comes summer. On another note, it is sad that finals are coming because that means being inside more than I would like. Maybe it will rain all during finals week…a girl can hope.

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Internship Excitement


I applied for an internship this summer with the accelerator called MassChallenge in Boston. They were just named one of the top accelerators by Forbes Magazine, so when I applied I never expected to hear back from them. Recently I had a phone interview, which was really exciting! Now I am moving onto the second round of face to face interviewing or in my case a Skype interview. This would be an amazing opportunity because I will get to spend the entire summer doing what I love, which is help entrepreneurs win!!!! I will get to see up close and personal the whole process of creating a business. Going to work each day would be a gift and it is in Boston…best city in the world!!! My advice for students seeking internships is to shoot for the moon. Don’t think that it is impossible to get an internship at the best companies because I truly believe where there is a will there is a way. If you really want to work at Google, Apple, or Facebook then you can make it happen. Also if you are looking for ways to get your foot in the door check out the book Bold: Get Noticed Get Hired. I read it as a part of my favorite class as mentioned in many previous posts.


This is where I would be working!!!!!

Soccer at Goodman Campus!

Our Goodman campus is where all the athletic facilities are located. It is filled with the large grassy fields. each field is designated for a particular sports, soccer or lacrosse for example. This is where all the varsity athletes come to practice.

I went to Goodman campus to play soccer this past week as the exams were over and the weather was tempting. However, getting there was a problem. We have to take the university bus to get there but the bus doesn’t run form 4 pm to 6 pm. I was with two of my friends and we were trying to figure out a way to get there and play. Then i learned about a service called Uber. One of my friends had registered to Uber. It is a service which kind of works like a cab. You download the Uber app on your cellphone and register to it. Once you are registered, you can call uber anytime you want. You just got on the app which shows your location to the car driver, who will then respond if he is coming or not. If he is, the app will show you the estimated time he will arrive at your location to pick you up. Then you can just tell him where you want to go.

So we took the Uber to the Goodman campus an it cost about 9 bucks. However we were three so split the cost. Anyway, playing soccer up at Goodman in such a nice weather after two stressing weeks of exam, was so the best feeling in the world.

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Lunch with the President

Last week I had the awesome chance to meet with Interim President Clayton. The office of student leadership held a thank you lunch to appreciate students who have made an impact on this campus over the last year.

I was really surprised that I was invited to this lunch because even though I am involved on campus I didn’t realize that the little I contribute is recognized. The lunch took place at the president’s house with some good food in abundance and great conversation with young leaders.

This event made me realize once again that Lehigh takes student involvement very highly but they also recognize everyone who has a part to play on campus. The amount of student involvement makes me proud to be a Lehigh Student, because not only do we achieve academically but we are also socially aware and innovative on campus.

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Music In The Front Lawn

This past week the weather hes just been awesome. It is just the perfect weather, with the right amount of air, perfect amount of humidity, perfect everything. i would say it is a sin to stay inside in this beautiful weather. Just for this reason, the music bands at Lehigh decided to attract people out from the libraries and their dorms to enjoy the nice weather. On a pleasuring Thursday evening, the music bands set up speakers and everything in the UC front lawn, where people sit on the soft grass and feel the nature. The whole evening, different bands performed with the best music they could produce. It was just so relaxing to sit in the lawn and listen to the music, I wish everyone could have experienced that feeling. I enjoyed it even more since a band of my friends also played and really rocked. It is the best way to just release all the tension into the nature and fill yourself with enthusiasm and energy.

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HOLI 2015


This is what Lehigh is all about. It is about having fun, getting together with friends, and taking some amazing pictures. For those of you that don’t know, Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival that is celebrated in the spring. It is known as the festival of love or color. On Sunday tons of students gathered on the front lawn to celebrate this festival. It was so amazing to see everyone covered in cornstarch. I know I inhaled a ton of it and even ate some at one point. The best part was trying to get it off of my body…I have never taken that long of a shower in my entire life!!! It was also really funny to still see people covered in cornstarch at the dining hall. It looked like a bunch of Smurfs were walking around because the blue was so strong. I have created so many good memories this weekend with the CHOICE Formal and then Holi. This past weekend is one that I will never forget.


Cricket at Lehigh!

I have grown up playing cricket all my life in Pakistan. The cricket world cup just ended recently and my temptation for playing cricket here just rose to another level. It was a bit discouraging that no one seemed to know about cricket here which made me feel that i am missing something. However, the good news for all you cricket lovers out there, I finally got the chance play cricket here.

This past Sunday at International Bazaar, I met some Indian graduate students. Cricket has to come up while Indian and Pakistanis are talking to each other, since we are the biggest rivalry in the game. It turned out that they play cricket almost every weekend out in the space behind the FM library. I was so excited to finally find some cricket dudes. We played that evening and it was so fun to play after such a long time.

After playing that day, it was reassuring for me that there are enough people interested in cricket. I have decided to try to open up a cricket club. So we can actually fix times to play and who knows, maybe develop a good team to compete in competitions. Hopefully by next year, we would have a cricket club so that we can keep up with our passion for cricket. We could have live screening of good matches specially the T20 world cup coming next year. For now it is just an idea, but hopefully it works out. Till then, i would just play with my new friends over the weekends.