Senior Design Projects

Today was the last day of classes. As I stepped into the Packard lobby (one of the engineering buildings at Lehigh) I saw this showcase of amazing projects. The ECE department organizes this event each year on the last day of classes. In our senior year, which is the fourth year of college, students have to make a senior design project. Students usually work in groups of three and have an adviser for their project. Today when I looked at these projects that my seniors have come up with, I was amazed and shocked by what my seniors are capable of doing. It is remarkable how they come up with these fascinating projects, whereas just three years ago they were in my seat. It really gives me high hopes and restores my faith in the quality of education that Lehigh provides. I took some pictures, but really they do not describe what the projects really are and the modern day implication of them.

IMG_1571 IMG_1572 IMG_1574 IMG_1575

Picnic for Women Engineers

Lehigh values diversity. Lehigh always have a great concern for the men/women ratio in Lehigh. Although the ratio is pretty equal, the ration in engineering college is a bit off. Thus Lehigh encourages more women to be a part of this pivotal field. Thus we organized a little picnic for the women engineers so that they could come together and get to know each other better. We had free food and scarfs and there was music. It was a beautiful Tuesday evening and a perfect time for some fun. I think these events should happen more often as you always make a new connection in these kinds of events and expand your friend circle.

IMG_1539 IMG_1540 IMG_1541 IMG_1543

TED Inspiration

This past week I stubbled upon a TED video that has truly inspired me and made me think. The talk was given by lawyer and activist Bryan Stevenson. He points out the power of identity in his talk, but his main point was for the people of TED to be “more courageous”. It is so easy to hear about the ideas on TED, but to actually make a difference is a whole different story. This leads me to the idea of accountability. How do we make people accountable for social injustice? What is the factor that gets people to actually make a change in their community? These questions have been on my mind for awhile, and as the year comes to an end I am writing my final English paper on this topic. Hopefully, in the next couple of days I will find my answer. The point of this blog post though is to show that inspiration for school can come from anywhere and you don’t have to always stick to the material in class. Also I challenge all college students to actually try to learn in their classes instead of just studying for an exam. If we as college students keep this up, we are going to find ourselves in a world of very uneducated people in whole ton of debt. We can’t solve the injustices of this world if we never really learn. So it is time to be accountable and really learn and you may be surprised to find how easy it will be to ace those final exams.

San Francisco for the Weekend

This weekend I went to the West Coast for the first time and it was unbelievable. Even though it was only for the weekend I got to see so many things like the golden gate bridge, chinatown, alcatraz, and more. I soon found myself embracing my inner photographer as I tried to capture the beauty. It was really frustrating that I couldn’t capture how I saw it, but I tried my best to capture the majestic bridge and the quaint buildings. It was also interesting to be in a city that has so many cultures crammed into a space 7 miles by 7 miles. It seemed as if each block had its own culture and each road brought you to a different part of the world. Another interesting thing was how young everyone was. San Francisco is definitely a growing city. Also as an entrepreneurship enthusiast I was so excited to visit a venture capital firm called Benchmark. Benchmark has funded many start ups like Uber, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Its business structure is also unique because they believe in equal ownership and is run by only six partners that share the profits equally. I was so excited to say the least. However, I realized the little quirks that I love about college like saying goodnight to my roommate and having food made for you all of the time. College life is so simple.

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North Bethlehem

I have never been a fan of summer, or excessive heat, primarily because I am from Africa so I have had my fair share of sunlight and summer. However to my surprise after the harsh winter I absolutely love the sunny weather. It’s funny how it takes two extremes to make you appreciate something you have taken for granted.

I find myself spending more time on the front lawn soaking up some sun or doing my homework on the chairs outside the library.

Just last week my friend and I went on a walk to the north side along the river path. It was one of the most beautiful and serene walkways I have seen. I think we spent over an hour just walking along the river path talking about the last semester and all that we have learnt this past freshmen year.

As I look over the my last year I realize that there are so may places at Lehigh where you can juts go for a walk to relax. You can go to the following places to

  • North Bethlehem path

Canal-park canaltowpath img-0683jpg-57eabc94f6c7f45a_large

  • Bethlehem Star

Moravian Star, Bethlehem PA

  • Look out point



Urban ops for the win

In my previous blog post I wrote about all the different preLusion programs offered here at Lehigh. Before the beginning of orientation I decided to participate in the Urban Ops Prelusion.

The prelusion was so much fun because I was able to meet a small group of incoming students who were interested in the same thing as me. This made it easy for me to make friends before the rest of our class came in. It was nice having a group of friends coming into orientation as it made Lehigh more like home.

Earlier last semester I wrote a blog post on my prelusion experience so you can read all about it there however today I am going to tell you about (DRUM ROLL) why I decided to apply to be a an urban ops squad leaser. Yes folks, if you decide to apply for Urban ops, yours truly will be your squad leader J

This is a little extract of why I want to be a squad leader: I am interested in being a squad leader because I get to interact with first year students and help them ease into college easily. As an alumnus of Urban Ops, I know that the students who apply for Urban Ops are the type of students who are eager to start their college experience and want to ease in slowly into the Lehigh life. My first memories of Lehigh were molded by my squad leaders and the valuable advice that they gave me has not only helped me pick good professors and interesting clubs to be involved in but they helped the other first years and I to grow close and make bonds. I want to help students test the waters and help them become acquainted to Lehigh and all that it has to offer.

I hope this inspires you all to apply to a prelusion because not only do you get the experience of being part of prelusion but you get to interact with cool upper classmen like myself.

Here is a video of my experience :

The Cup

As the weather changes, the snow thaws, the grass turns green, the sun emerges and the lawn chairs appear on the front lawn. It signals the emergence of the long line outside the cup. The Cup is Lehigh’s famous on campus ice-cream store that serves a whole host of ice- cream flavors, root beer floats and other delicious. Below is a list of the awesome flavors:

Hard Ice Cream

• Almond Joy

• Bing Cherry

• Black Raspberry

• Black Forest

• Blueberry Cheesecake

• Brownie Nut Fudge

• Bubble Gum

• Butter Pecan

• Chocolate

• Chocolate Almond

• Chocolate Almond Chip

• Chocolate Chip

• Chocolate Fudge Brownie

• Chocolate Marshmallow

• Coffee

• Coffee Fudge

• Cookies and Cream

• Cookie Dough

• Dulce de Leche

• Golden Vanilla

• Maple Walnut

• Mint Chocolate Chip

• Moose Tracks

• Party Cake

• Peanut Butter Cookie

• Peanut Butter Cup

• Peanut Butter Swirl

• Pineapple

• Pistachio

• Strawberry

• Strawberry Cheesecake

• Vanilla

• Vanilla Fudge


Hard Ice Cream

• Chocolate Mint

• Strawberries and Cream

• Butter Pecan

• Bing Cherry

• Moose Tracks

• Vanilla

• Vanilla\Chocolate Swirl

Soft Ice Cream

• Vanilla

• Chocolate

• Vanilla\Chocolate Swirl


• Orange

• Raspberry

• Fruit Bowl

• Lemon Lime

The Cup is located in Lehigh’s Campus Square next door to the mail Centre and it’s an awesome place to go and hang with friends after a long day or a long night. The cup is decorated like a retro 90’s ice cream parlor. Beware though, once you go in you’ll find yourself there more often then you would think.


Urban Ops

Last year this time I had committed to Lehigh and I was deciding whether or not I wanted to go on a preLUsion. Prelusion is a 3-day pre-Orientation experience (starting the Monday before move-in) that provides first-year students an opportunity to explore a topic of their choosing. Prelusion offers a variety of programs, each run by a different department or organization on campus, allowing students to engage with students and staff members who share a similar interest.

The Prelusion programs offered at Lehigh are:

  • alLUsions: Literary Lehigh

This program uses writing as a means to develop new relationships with other incoming students interested in creative writing, literature, and the written world.  To this end, alLUsions explores three different literary environments: Bethlehem’s Northside, New York City’s bookish treasures and Northeastern Pennsylvania’s natural beauties.

  • Discover Lehigh

Set off on a discovery of your new hometown!  On this expedition, you’ll discover the history of Bethlehem and how Lehigh came to be – you’ll even visit the hometown and mansion of our founder, Asa Packer

  • Food for Thought

Set off on a discovery of your new hometown!  On this expedition, you’ll discover the history of Bethlehem and how Lehigh came to be – you’ll even visit the hometown and mansion of our founder, Asa Packer

  • GlobaLehigh

GlobaLehigh takes you on a virtual three-day trip around the world as you immerse yourself in culture, cuisine and all things global.  As you experience your first taste of campus, your activities will extend far and wide.

  • Gympact

Start on the right foot and do something that will benefit both your body and your mind.  This program is open to all levels, and will guide you in staying active on campus through fitness, club sports, intramurals, and recreation.  Lehigh offers a wide variety of physical activity opportunities that are both enjoyable and social.

  • I Am Lehigh

The I AM LEHIGH 3-day experience will offer students an opportunity to explore their own identity and the identities of others. By engaging with peers in interactive conversations and activities, students will challenge and support each other in their journey toward understanding how to be their authentic selves, and how to impact and lead our Lehigh community.

  • Kibbutz Lehigh

Bagels, falafel, stars of David, and social justice.  Jewish culture and values are everywhere if we know how to look.  With Kibbutz Lehigh, we will explore different aspects of Jewish culture and community on campus, in the Lehigh Valley, and in Philadelphia—building our own community as we go!

  • Lead Lehigh

Lead Lehigh, a program hosted by the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Steel Battalion, is designed for new ROTC scholarship winners but is open to ALL students.  Designed as an interactive, fun, outdoor experience, participants will focus on leadership skills and orienteering while becoming familiar with the Lehigh Campus and lifestyle.

  • Lehigh Women Engineers (LWE)

As an incoming woman engineer, you may be wondering about the dynamic, creative, exhilarating and rewarding field that you are about to enter. With many of Lehigh’s top engineering students being women, you are joining an impressive and elite group.

  • Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP)

Do you enjoy being adventurous, meeting new people and being outdoors?  If so, then OAP is for you!  This program takes first-year students into the great outdoors where they spend their time taking day and night hikes, rafting down the Delaware River, playing paintball, riding a zip line, and developing new friendships.

  • Quest

When the fraternity and sorority experience is done right it is a lifetime experience that encompasses understanding your values, running an organization, giving back to the community, developing leadership skills and having a lot of fun! Quest provides you an opportunity to examine the potential of the fraternity and sorority experience from all angles.

  • SustainabLEHIGH

As part of the SustainabLEHIGH adventure, you will explore the Lehigh Valley through biking, canoeing, eating organic meals, visiting a farm and camping on our very own island.

  • Urban Ops: NYC 

Urban Ops gives you the opportunity to begin your Lehigh journey by exploring the university and New York City. Throughout this experience, you will participate in a ropes course, meet and network with Lehigh alumni and learn concepts of group dynamics that will help you navigate the plethora of involvement opportunities at Lehigh.

  • Volunteer Experience (VE)

Participants of VE immerse themselves in three days of community service within the Lehigh Valley. During this time they discover area agencies, take action to help alleviate issues facing their new community and build new but lasting friendships. VE is hosted through Lehigh’s Community Service Office, which offers students a pathway to continue engaging in meaningful service through their four years at Lehigh if they so choose.

If any of these interest you then you I STRONGLY suggest you all apply :) ! The sooner the better.

Choir Concert!

Lehigh choir is very famous. I had never been to a choir concert, in fact i didn’t even knew choir was until I came to Lehigh. However, I made some friends who love choir and one of them even has a choir scholarship. I was amazed  when I learned the amount of time they put in choir every week. They have 3 hours long practices weekly in addition to extra practices on weekends. When their performances get nearer, they start practicing even more. I never knew that this was such a time consuming thing. They sometimes perform in the church or in the music nights. However they have one big concert annually which a lot of people come to see, many parents watch their child perform. The good thing is that it is free for students. I went to this year’s concert and it was my first time ever watching a choir performance. Undoubtedly, it was amazing. They work very hard all year long and it was evident in their great performance. I loved the relaxing feeling and the music. it was great. What made it even better for me was that it was in baker Hall. It is one of the best halls in the whole university and my favorite one.

My friend told me that the choir group is going to Italy in May to perform their! I wish them best of luck.

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BEST Class…WORST Class

Starting on a good note the best classes (one is not enough) that I took this year were ENTP 195 and Calc 3. They are the complete opposites of each other, but they have to have been my favorites. The entrepreneurship class was amazing because there weren’t that many students and everyone tried to make an effort in the class. Also I was challenged to actually think, to go out in the world and explore, and to be creative. When I was in this class time flew by and I never looked at the clock. For me that is when I knew I had stubbled on something truly amazing. Sure it was 6 to 9 on a Tuesday night, but it seemed like my week hadn’t started yet until I had been in that class. Then Calculus is a whole different ball park and I think the reason I loved that class is because I am a nerd and math makes sense to me. It is funny how you love things that come easy to you, but dread things that don’t…cough…cough…English. I think the reason I love Calculus so much is that it makes sense and each problem is a challenge. I was really sad when I realized I wouldn’t take another Calculus class again. :(

Then my LEAST favorite class is Engineering 10!!!! You don’t learn anything and you rush to finish labs. Now I am working on the final projects and I want to toss my Arduino across the room!!! So now that rant is out of the way…I can say it has been a learning experience for my patience. Also long live Calculus!!!