Winter Sunsets at Lehigh

One of the more well-known facts about myself is that I have a thing for sunsets. And I’m not talking about just occasionally seeing a pretty sunset and appreciating it; in fact, I try to watch the sunset every day. It was a lot easier back at home because my drive home was directly west and included a beautiful view of a nearby mountain range and downtown Seattle. There are a lot of buildings here that cover the sunset when it’s at its peak and it’s been extra gloomy lately (I mean, will this snow EVER melt?) so I only get a lucky glimpse once every few days. But there was a spectacular one the other day, and I sat on the steps of the President’s house (not sure if I’m allowed to do this…) and watched it in full. It was below freezing and I had a ton of homework to do, but it was so worth it. It was also the day before my calculus exam so I think it was the universe giving me a reason to take a break from my sad and lonely cubicle in FML. Here are some pictures!!

IMG_0207 IMG_0206 IMG_0171

Engineering 10 Arduinos

After working hard for several weeks on MatLab, it’s finally time to start the true material of Engineering 10: programming an Arduino. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, Arduino is a programmable tool that is capable of doing anything to desire it to do, provided that you can tell it to do so. Arduinos can interact with the environment, compiling data that it takes in the form of lights, temperature, and other sources, allowing it to be a functioning sensor of many different types. Arduinos are completely open-source as well, meaning the Arduino community can trade code between each other to improve or test. One person was able to create a voice detector for their television, automatically muting the T.V. when it detected Kim Kardashian’s name. Another created a feeder for their cat; the Arduino reacted to a magnetic chip in the cat’s collar and if it was their food bowl, the cat would be allowed to eat from it. As you can see, an Arduino is incredibly versatile, and it doesn’t take a college degree to use it.

We’ve begun to use our Arduinos by first developing a programmed blinker. By setting automatic timers, our Arduinos would blink at different intervals or with different lights. For example, our final assignment was to create an SOS signal using three different lights with two different colors. Though it seems questionable where an SOS signal would come in handy on a program, the concept behind it is incredibly important. We’ve learned to use several of Arduino’s outputs for power and how to breadboard circuits so that things do not get fried while we set up our devices. On more complex programs, it will be extremely important to have multiple outputs of power so that we can run numerous actions on one program.

Snow Emergency Regulations

Though March is here, the snow hasn’t waned, and students still have to take extra precaution during snow emergencies. Tonight, it hailed for a couple hours, and as soon as it ended, it froze over, making everything slick, and I mean absolutely everything. Moments before, the temperature was actually relatively warm, melting the snow into slush. Now, even the handrails have a solid layer of ice on them. On a mountain campus like Lehigh, there are several steps that you should take to prevent yourself from getting seriously injured.

  • Watch Where You Step
    • Leaning your weight on a patch of ice will prevent you from recovering in time and you may slip. Keep watch for patches and walk around them if necessary. It’s not cool to try and walk across it and fall over.
  • Hold Onto Handrails
    • If there’s a handrail, use it! It’s purpose is to keep you from falling and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of its presence. Lehigh is full of stairs which are incredibly slippery during storms and snowfall.
  • Make Sure it is Safe to Cross
    • When you’re crossing a street, take extra precaution. Road ice is harder to see than normal ice and crossing at a bad moment can put you in danger. It doesn’t hurt to wait a second to look for oncoming traffic before crossing. You have nothing to keep you steady if you slip.
  • Keep Yourself Warm
    • Every minute out in the cold is body temperature lost. Keep all of your extremities covered when outside. If you don’t have any gloves or hats, don’t hesitate to hop between buildings. Every building has heating so you can take several minutes to warm back up if you’re trying to climb back up to Dravo after classes.

AADC Origami Part 2

The Art Architecture and Design Club finished up its last origami meeting before we hang up all of the paper cranes in Fairchild-Martindale Library. After the first meeting, we finished 112 cranes. After the second meeting, we breached 200 and finished 219 cranes. We don’t know the current count after the third meeting however because some people like me decided to take some paper to continue making additional cranes.

The deal states that any member that successfully makes 20 cranes gets their name engraved on the plaque once the cranes get hanged. For an additional 20, members can get an unknown special gifts, a token of appreciation by the AADC for the help. I just recently finished forty cranes, making the last twelve here on my own.


Summer Pact


My new business!!!!

Usually over the summer I work inside, which honestly is that saddest thing ever. I don’t really get to enjoy the beautiful weather and I am just not fulfilled in what I am doing. So this summer I have made a pact with myself that I will try to find jobs that I enjoy and that are outside. For starters I am looking into being a park ranger/ trail monitor, and I am getting my yoga teacher certification, so I could teach outdoor classes. On the topic of certifications I am thinking of getting a personal trainer certification, and the best idea I have come up with so far is creating a running buddy service. How it would work is that I would get paid to run with people who need motivation or just like to run with someone. I am going to keep brainstorming, but I think this is absolutely possible. I know my 4H leader has her canning business and I bet she would pay me to pick fruit for her and go to farmers markets. I am so serious about making this summer fulfilling finically and emotionally. I have decided to not be miserable this summer, and to enjoy the months off from school as best as I can.

Care Packages.

This past weekend everyone was expecting it to be very cold with 4-6 inches of snow. I was excited for this because this meant that I would finally see some real hectic snow, so in anticipation of this my church decided to cancel church because of the snow and cold. This was a disappointing but my friends and I got to sleep in so it made it a bit better.

As we were getting ready to settle down and do some serious studying we got a text from our church that said they would be delivering some care packages. Now as a college student, receiving care packages is like Christmas morning! We were all so excited because of this thoughtful gift. The care package had some lovely clementines, chocolate, vitamin water, notes of encouragement for midterms, sour patches, bananas, trail mix and packets of chips.

This care package has been really helping me during the season of midterms and has made them more bearable. When I am at home I don’t need a care package because all I need is downstairs in the kitchen, however at college you don’t have all your favorite study snacks and your mom is not able to drop into your room and surprise you with some sweets to keep you going long into the night. So I complied some must haves for college midterms.

  • FRUIT!

If you like me then you know that when you studying you don’t keep track of what or how much you eat then fruits are the way to go. Slices of apples, pears, watermelon and pineapple make for good healthy study snacks. Fruits have natural sugar that is good for you and will help you alert and not on an unhealthy sugar high.


To prevent headaches you need to make sure you drinking lots of water. When you study you tend to focus and use a lot of brain power thus your brain gets tired, water is good source to rejuvenate you.


People say diamonds are a girls best friend but I believe that chocolate is a girls must have necessity. Chocolate just makes you feel all types of warm butterflies but be sure to supplement it with fruit and water!

IMG_7035 IMG_7036

Lehigh is Safe

This Sunday the cool gryphons managed to invite 2 officers from the Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD) to the lounge in Dravo to talk about their role at Lehigh. There were free Donuts as an incentive for students to take some time out of their busy day and attend the talk. The officers told us some startling statistics about how big an effort they make to keep Lehigh as safe as possible. For example, we have more police officers on road during the night time as do Bethlehem police. Moreover, they introduced a very important application available on both android and IOS, called EmergenSee. If you turn on the app, your camera will turn on too and then the police could hear and see what you are hearing and seeing. So if they think there is something wrong they will send a police car to your location. The average response time is 2-3 min if not less. The officers were very friendly and even invited us to just visit their building and chat which I have never seen a police officer saying. In addition to that, they gave us LUPD bags and sunglasses as gifts as they left. I have to say the session was very informative. This is one of the perks of college life, you can never get into such a casual talk with policeman but these kind of opportunities you will find continuously at Lehigh!


Asian Cultural Society Karaoke Night

Last Saturday the Asian Cultural Society decided to host its very first event, the ACS Karaoke Night! The ACS invited several members and their friends to come to EuroYogurt to a night of authentic Chinese food, bubble tea, and karaoke. Upon first glance, EuroYogurt may not seem like a Chinese restaurant but it actually has a wide variety of dishes to try. They have a menu on their wall for bubble teas and dishes, but they actually have a bigger menu for those who can read their other menus that are written in Chinese (specifically Mandarin?).

EuroYogurt had an even bigger secret which was the karaoke room hidden in the back of the restaurant. It is soundproofed incredibly well and so many customers aren’t even aware of its existence. Once we were inside, people immediately began singing while the senior members ordered our food. They served us with dumplings, lo mein, and four other dishes that I can’t even name, all covered by the ACS club! Even as everyone began eating, other people would take breaks to continue singing for our amusement. Though I didn’t personally sing, I had a blast listening to my friends and other members singing ridiculous songs or trying to keep up with Eminem’s raps.

Officially a Theta

This past Saturday was initiation for Kappa Alpha Theta. I am now so excited to really start getting involved with the sorority. It has been so much fun to get to know all of the sisters and it really does feel like you are apart of a family. I have learned so much already and I feel like I am truly growing as a person. One of the best things about being a part of Greek life is that you really meet a majority of people at Lehigh. With this I have learned not to judge right away because then you really limit the amazing people you can be friends with. Also you will never know someone’s story in that moment that person is a complete mystery to you, so you can’t judge something you know nothing about. Greek life is also amazing because if you are missing community service there are many opportunities to get involved like in soup kitchens, Relay for Life, and other service projects. Additionally, I want to get it out there that a lot of the stereotypes about sororities are wrong, which is why it is a stereotype. I would highly recommend not writing off Greek Life just because of what you have heard. This all goes back to making judgements, and personally I prefer to be my own judge. I know that Theta is going to be one of the things I will remember forever.


My family!!!! <3


Group Study in the lecture Hall

The past two weeks was the 4 o clock season at Lehigh. I had had exams for economics physics and calculus II. My Physics and Economics exams went well without putting in much of an effort in those classes as the material covered so far is pretty straightforward and I have done most of it before in high school. But for my calculus exam things were very different. Not only was the material new, but also it was difficult. The fact that I didn’t pay attention to the class since the beginning made things worse for me. I also skipped two classes and I realize now that missing even a single class can throw you far behind the class. 4 o clocks come as fast as a blink of an eye, so it is always a good idea to keep up with the class work and review stuff on a daily basis. Calc was my last exam so after being done with Economics and Physics, I started studying for Calc on Monday. My exam was on Thursday so I had three days, and only three days. There was no way I could have mastered the material on my own as there were many topics and lots of trig identities to memorize and a bunch of formulas to know and many techniques for solving the problem. I was very confused and nervous. I pulled all nighters and skipped morning classes to get myself enough time to actually practice (and now I feel I lag a bit in other class but I will make that up I am pretty sure).

Luckily for me though I found friends in similar situation or certainly a bit better situation than me, so we decided to study together. But during the exams the libraries are full so one can hardly find a place to study. It is even more difficult to get hold of the room for the group study. We had to come up with an alternative and we came up with a superb one. we decided to beat Calculus at its own home ground, that is the lecture hall where we take our Calculus lecture. One of my friends knew a door to the building which is always open and we made it to the room. We studied for about 4 hours together from 6 p.m to10 p.m. I have to say that it was very productive and solving problems on the board and teaching each other really worked. My test went very well and I hope I will get an A. Here is the room we were studying in.

IMG_1141 IMG_1193