Last Day for Us In Engineering 10!


Yesterday was the last day for me, Jacob, Justin, and Tyler in Engineering 10.  We managed to do all three projects- Pump, Photo-sensor/Hot Box, and Shaker Table before most other people.  We would’ve had to go to class tomorrow to finish all of the assignments, but we were bosses and finished early.  In all, Engineering 10 was…. an interesting class.  I personally was not too good at it, but Jacob, Justin, and Tyler were.  What set this class apart from most other classes is that not only did we learn programming, but we learned it by “just doing it.”  We didn’t use a textbook to learn what we were doing and the professor never gave us a lecture for us to take notes.  What literally happened every time in class was that the professor  would spend 10 minutes introducing a new coding strategy, talk about how it worked, and would say, “Any questions?  Alright, get started.”  He never really gave us any examples on how to code, so we learned coding pretty much by trial and error.  It was not the professor’s fault for this because I think he wanted us to think by ourselves, without anyone having to hold our hand.  Again, I got through the class and was able to finish all of the assignments along with these gentlemen here, which was pretty relieving.  Next year, I’ll have to use MATLab for one of my Mechanical Engineering Courses.  I’ll blog about how that goes.

Tau Beta Pi

The oldest engineering honor society in the US and the second oldest collegiate honor society society in America-both titles belong to Tau Beta Pi. This prestigious society is nationwide and has chapters at all of the best engineering schools in the country. But what’s really cool was that it was founded here at Lehigh in 1885. Of the 545,000 members there are 19 Nobel laureates, around 60 astronauts, along with state Governors, Congressmen, and more. It’s very difficult to enter though. I know two students from our Steel Bridge team who will be inducted this year. Apparently, you need a minimum GPA of 3.75 by the end of your sophomore year to be nominated. But I also heard that you need to be in the top eighth of your class as well. Obviously it’s very difficult to gain entrance into this society but what an achievement it would be to put on a resumé.


Finals. And Dancefest. And POREOTICS

Finals are looming. Let’s all take a moment of silence for the hours of sleep we’re going to lose come the next few weeks. Come on, guys–we’re almost done!

All righty. So there was this little thing called DanceFest last weekend, and let me tell you, it was pretty awesome. A whole bunch of groups ranging from the swing dancing team to fraternity groups to step teams to rhythmic gymnasts got up on stage in Baker Hall at Zoellner to show off skills and routines. My favorite was probably the swing dance group–what can I say? I like the music. Oh, and I keep meaning to go to the club meetings, but… there’s what, two weeks of school left? I’ll try next semester though. I did go to one event the swing team had, and I had a lot of fun.

Anyway, Dancefest ended with the professional group Poreotics–you know Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song? Those monkeys dancing in the back? Yeah, that’s Poreotics. And, I mean, they’ve done a lot besides Bruno Mars music videos. They won the fifth season of America’s Best Dance Crew and have been in (if not won) multiple other competitions.

So, if you’re interested, you should definitely check this out:

And, of course, come to DanceFest 6 next year!! You won’t regret it, trust me.

My final project

In my physics class we performed  ten experiments during this semester, that were preparing us for the final project. I was a little bit nervous before I went to my lab final exam, because the final exam is set in a different way. During other labs, we always go to the lab class sure of what experiment we are going to perform, but for the final exams we had to prepare for all the experiments since the lab instructor(TA) randomly selects one from the ten previous experiments. Another difference between the final project and the other labs is the duration.Our lab classes are usually three hours long, but since we are doing an experiment we have ever done the final project was only one hour and a half. Luckily enough, the envelop I was handed had my favorite experiment I had done few weeks ago about the Pendulum. I managed to finish in time, I was excited that my TA handed me my favorite lab and last I am glad that I am done with my first final exam.

Looking Back on Freshman Year

With my freshman year almost over, I am taking some time to reflect on it. The first thing I think of is how it flew by. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago when I first came to Lehigh, knowing absolutely no one. By the end of orientation, I already had dozens of new friends and began to love this school. The difficulty of classes was not as hard as I had expected, and their are numerous things to do on and around campus. Last semester I chose to not get than involved, but instead to get use to the transition into college life, which I am glad that I did. This semester I got much more involved, joining two fraternities, doing 40 hours of community service on and around campus, and participating in multiple intramural sports. Coming into Lehigh, I did not expect to join a fraternity, but my mind changed quickly this semester when I met the people in the it. I am excited to be living with the guys in it next semester and the semesters following. I wish the year wasn’t over so quick; however, I am excited to go home and see all of my family and friends for the summer.

Bittersweet Season

This past weekend I was lucky enough to go home and spend Easter with my family. While I was home and meeting up with relatives they all told me how much older I looked. Its a strange sensation knowing that they’re all right, I do look older. In fact, I feel older too. What felt like just a few short weeks ago I was driving into Bethlehem with my parents and the trunk full of my stuff excited to start college. Now its the last week of classes for my freshman year. Never has time gone by so quickly. You can forget about high school or anything else, this takes the cake in how fleeting it all feels. Its a little sad how I’m already one quarter of the way done with college already. But its also a kind of happy time too. I looked back through all of the notes I’ve taken in math and its truly incredible how much I’ve learned. You don’t just learn a lot academically, you learn socially as well. I am a changed person from the morning I first got here, a better person and for that I’m happy. I’m excited to go back home and see my friends on a regular basis again, and start work and just enjoy the summer, but at the same time I don’t want to leave here either. Everything now is just bittersweet.

Freshman Year in Bundle

Well, my Freshman year is coming to an end soon it’s been a pretty cool experience thus far.  I only have one more week of classes and then, FINALS.  Things will start becoming a bit stressful as the week goes on, but let’s have a recap on my perspective of my Freshman year here at Lehigh.

When I came to Lehigh for orientation weekend, I was excited to meet new people with different views, excited to be free from speculation from parents, but I was most excited for having the opportunity to get an education at such an amazing school.  Orientation weekend however, was not the best thing to do though.  It honestly was summer camp in college- a lot of what does Lehigh expect from you, questions on some of the ways we could all be successful, and things like that.  To me, that was boring.  BUT, once classes started, the whole college experience everybody talks about started to unfold.  I met many people in clubs, intramural sports, and through other friends.  One of the thing that’s interesting about college is most of your friends are not even in your classes. All the friends you have are outside of classes and the friends you make here are actually pretty good people.  I don’t know, there’s just something that the people here have that the people back home don’t.. some sort of vibe that’s refreshing and invigorating.  I’ve made several good friends and they are all good people.

With classes for me, I think my high school did a pretty good job preparing me with the workload that I would be expected of.  You hear a lot of comments about college becoming insanely hard with classes and people doing worse than usual.  To an extent this is true.  For example, the calculus averages for our midterms in both semesters where no greater than a 71.  People do struggle here, but not in every class.  Other classes were actually pretty easy like Engineering 5- it was honestly a joke.  But the biggest thing one has to learn here is to manage your time.  If you are able to successfully manage your time with all your work you are given and are able to relieve the stress by hanging out with friends, then freshman year should run smooth.  I have done pretty well so far and I’m hoping final exams don’t stress me out.  With that being said, classes will get harder.  I don’t want to lie to anybody, but as long as you sit down and take the time to comprehend and understand all the problems that you have, you’ll do just fine.

Lastly, being away from home was a new experience for me.  I actually was homesick first semester with 11 or 12 weeks into the semester, but I got used to it eventually.  Here at college, you start being independent and start growing in maturity (for that’s the case) and you start being more responsible.  You don’t just take classes in college for your major.  You also figure out how you want to live your life and become more aware of what you want in the future.  It’s an interesting experience and I’m looking forward for the upcoming school year.

Last Week of Classes

It is the last week of classes and I finally have a break from school work. It is the first week in a while where I do not have a midterm and in addition I have very little homework due because most classes are preparing for the final exam. My final exams are Thursday-Sunday next week, one each day. This gives me a lot of time to prepare for them, but then not much time in between them. Since I do not have much to do this week, I plan on creating study guides to have for next week, and re-reading chapters in my textbooks to remember earlier material. I also want to spend some time outside because of the beautiful weather we now have and the free time I have. It should be a nice break in between studying for exams. Due to some poor grades I had over the semester I really need to prepare for my exams, but I am not all that worried because I do have a lot of time to prepare.

International Bazaar


My friend Ritah and I representing Rwanda


Fashion show from India


students buying food and getting to see what each country is presenting


Last weekend i celebrated my first international bazaar , It was fun and exciting watching different cultures do fashion show and eating different kinds of food from different countries. My favorite dish was Indian food. Very many countries represented their fashion and dance, I represented my country wearing our culture clothes refereed to as” Imishanana” with my friend Ritah from Uganda.

SPECTRUM + Reflections

Big news! As of last Wednesday, I am officially the president-elect of Spectrum. I will be president of Spectrum next year. Oh boy.

I mean, I am REALLY excited, but I’m also kind of nervous. I’ve helped out in clubs before and stuff like that, but this seems a bit bigger than freshman-year GSA (gay-straight alliance).

Anyway. Yeah. That happened. And it seems like everyone has been talking about registration lately, soo… hmph. I was waitlisted on one of my classes, but I also have an entire color-coded list of other possible schedule configurations, so I’m not really worried if I can’t get into that one. (You fancy people and your MyEDU’s… well, I have a spreadsheet.)

There’s less than a month of classes left now. It’s really bizarre, looking back on this year. When you’re little, you just sort of hear that you’ll go to college when you’re this age, and you look up at all your cousins or siblings or friends’ siblings or whoever else who’s in college when you’re little and you think to yourself, wow, these people are so cool! And then you’re here and it’s a lot different than you thought, and whenever you’re not in class you’re either working or fumbling around trying to figure out where the free food is. (To all those who think it’s an exaggeration about college kids and free food–it is not.)

So, soon ends my first-year experience, and soon will start my second year. After summer. AFTER SUMMER. I need a break.

Good luck to everyone!